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Towing with the Best Trailer Hitches

Transferring a load – be it a horse trailer, a boat or the belongings from your home – needs a daunting effort. You can never pull it off without familiarizing yourself with the job in hand first. If choosing the type of trailer according to your need seems hard, try selecting a trailer hitch.
A trailer hitch is a device used to attach a trailer van with your vehicle. With us, you can stop worrying about finding the perfect hitch for your trailer. We provide hitches for industrial, agricultural, recreational and commercial towing. We offer a variety of services that include fabricating Custom Hitches and trailer hitch installation.
Find the Perfect Trailer Hitch
The hitch is just a component, and the responsibility of knowing the capabilities of your vehicle lies with you. When choosing a hitch for your trailer, keep in mind the:
1. Weight Carrying Capacity of your Vehicle: The first thing that trailer hitch shops ask you is the weight you wish to carry. It is one of the major factors that determine which trailer hitch to use.
2. Ball Mount: After you have selected a receiver hitch, choose a ball mount. These ball mounts help your trailer level up by allowing it to drop and rise. Choose from our large inventory of ball mounts to make your towing journey an eventful one.  
3. Weight Distribution Hitch: Invest on a weight distribution hitch if you have a heavy load that you want to move. It is a receiver hitch that levels out the trailer and the vehicle by distributing the weight across the axles of your vehicle.   
4. Gooseneck Hitch: If you wish to tow a 5th wheel trailer, you need a 5th wheel trailer hitch mounted on the back of the pickup truck. Tow a gooseneck trailer using a gooseneck hitch. The gooseneck hitch is for heavy load trailers. At Calgary Hitch Shop, we offer the best quality industrial and agricultural Gooseneck Hitch for your trailers.
We, at The Calgary Hitch Shop, provide our customers with the toughest industrial and agricultural trailer hitches in Calgary. Our trailer hitches are built to last, with exceptional strength and durability. We make sure that you get what you want at an affordable price.